GorillaUK makes a return to Standon Calling

28th July 2021

We made a return to Standon Calling festival, installing three bridges and two security towers for the festival.

GorillaUK managing director, Andy Gregorek said, “It was great to be back on site and working at Standon Calling, we had a six-person team on site for three days to install and two-day de-rig for three temporary bridges that connected two VIP campsite areas of the festival to the main site and a pair of security towers within the campsite.”

It was the first time the GorillaUK team had been on site for a festival build and de-rig in close to two years due to Covid 19.

“We used the lessons learned from 2019 and applied them to this year, which made installation a very smooth process, including the addition of the third bridge,” Andy added.

The project required the usual CAD drawings and engineering calculations for load-bearing on the bridges and wind shear for the towers.

“Like all of our temporary structures, these start life on our CAD system, where we design them to withstand the stresses and strains of heavy use, inclement weather and overloading. This meant that when the installation team landed at the festival, everything was deployed and made safe quickly and easily, with the team returning to de-rig in an equally smooth and simple manner,” concluded Andy.

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