Case studies

TK Maxx Juke Box


Project background: Spacial Installations asked Gorilla to design and build an internal scaffolding structure for the Duke Box they had created for TK Maxx

Gorilla role summary: Design, overnight install & de-rig of ballasted internal scaffolding structure.

Gorilla role detail: Design, CAD, Engineering, Build & De-rig including logistics

On site build: 4 hours, scaffolding build overnight. 3 hours take down.

Timescales involved: 2 week planning, test build and scaffold stayed erected until event, at Spacial workshop, to ensure outer Duke Box cladding would fit without any problems, as timings very tight.

Result / Outcome: Come and choose a carol campaign gained good online coverage in a landmark high footfall location. Choir sang on time as rush hour commuters arrived,

Feedback: Successful Campaign, all production deadlines met

Event TK Maxx Christmas at Kings Cross Station Live Date 01-12-2016 Location Kings Cross Station, London Brand involved TK Maxx
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