Gorilla builds a Guinness World Record!

16th March 2017

received confirmation from Guinness World Records that the monkey bars obstacle, constructed for the 2016 Rat Race Dirty Weekend, held on Saturday 17 May at Burghley Park was, at 136m long, the longest in the world.

Andy Gregorek, managing director of Gorilla said, “This is great news, Rat Race Dirty Weekend is a huge obstacle race and we have tried to make it a major challenge, it’s 20 miles long with 200 obstacles and this world record is the icing on the cake.”

Gorilla Marketing & Events built the original course for Rat Race Events, and has been instrumental in its development since then, with the aim of adding new and original features each year. The monkey bars were built from Cuplok scaffold towers, tube clips and bracing, wooden decks and sheeting, and 30cm x 30cm aluminium supertruss.

“The monkey bar obstacle was 136m long and averaged 2.3m off the ground, and made it incredibly challenging for the 4500 competitors to complete. I’m sure that everyone who completed the obstacle will be delighted to know that they are all part of this world record.” concluded Gregorek.

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