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World Record Breaking Monkey Bars – Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016


Event / Project background: Dirty Weekend is Rat Race Events Ltd, flagship event combining festival and obstacle race into one. Gorilla have been involved in construction of the obstacles since start up in 2013.

Gorilla role summary: Design and construction of World’s longest monkey bars, suitable for processing 5,000 + competitors in 8 hour period.

Gorilla role detail: Design, engineering, CAD and construction & rigging of monkey bars / 3 x 12m lanes and 1 lane at 138m

Timescales involved: 2 day install / 1 day de-rig

Result / Outcome: Certified by Guinness Book of World Records as longest monkey bars built

Feedback: Client delighted to achieve a Guinness Book of World Record for 1 obstacle in the event, great selling point for being the biggest and best in the market.

Event Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016 Client Rat Race Events Live Date 01-01-1970 Location Burghley House, Peterborough Brand involved Rat Race Events
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