Case studies

Prudential Ride London 2016 – 2019


Event / Project background: Gorilla were asked by Ride London to create a trials mountain bike course for sponsor Buxton water, who wanted to re create Buxton the village in Green park using key landmarks as obstacles.

Gorilla role summary: Course production, build and de-rig

Gorilla role detail: Design, engineering, fabrication, logistics, storage, maintenance

On site build: 10 crew / 2 x 14hours shifts for the build

Timescales involved: 2 day setup / 6 hour take down

Result / Outcome: Sponsor Buxton Water & client London ………. delighted, job re confirmed for 2017

Feedback: The international field of riders rated the course as a World Class course. 3 Guinness book world records were achieved on the course during the event.

Event Prudential Ride London Client London & Surrey Cycling partnership Live Date 01-01-1970 Location London Brand involved Buxton Water
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