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MoonWalk London starting gateway 2017 – 2019


Event: MoonWalk London

Client: Walk the Walk

Live Date(s): May 2017 & 2019

Location: Clapham Common, London

Brands Involved:
Event / Project /Structure background: Scaffolding towers topped with an inflatable structure.

GORILLA role summary: Delivery of base structures for inflatable start arch.

GORILLA: Consultation on inflatable concept and design / design and build of scaffolding VIP platforms to support inflatable arch

Timescales involved: 2 weeks, design, engineering & calcs.

Result / Outcome: Client extremely happy, 3 year contract awarded to Gorilla

Feedback: Start gantry looked fantastic

Event The MoonWalk London 2017 - 2019 Client Walk the Walk Worldwide Location Clapham Common Brand involved Walk The Walk Worldwide
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