Case studies

Temporary Structures – London Marathon Finish 2016 – 2022


Set-up of the signage towers and gantry at the 2018 London Marathon proved more difficult than previous years due to the Heads of Commonwealth Conference being staged at the same time, in and around the Mall. The install time for the signage towers was reduced by a day to just 2 days. This presented a challenge for our original tower designs, having all previously been made of Cuplok scaffolding. Using Cuplok would not have allowed sufficient time, after the road closure, to erect all of towers required. This was the catalyst for the design of the Rapid Deployment Tower.

GORILLA / Star role summary:

Initial design as you see it including 3d modelling

Star – further development of design, engineering & manufacture

Timescales involved: 8 weeks

  • 4 weeks design and development
  • 2 week manufacture build
  • 2-day de-rig

Result / Outcome:

Highly successful signage tower that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. The Rapid Deployment Tower is now a  commercially available product.


Delivered signage towers at London Marathon 2018 successfully.

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