Case studies

Red Bull Empire of Dirt


Event Background – New event concept, merging dirt BMX and street BMX, to form BMX slope style, similar in respects to snowboarding freestyle, downhill course with jumps and street features.   Year 1 funded as a research project to produce a viral to launch the event in 2004.  Course developed each year, digger attachments developed to show efficiencies in the course construction. 6 week build, 2500m course on a 30deg field in Devon.

GORILLA role – Concept development, event management, course & jump design and construction

Result / Outcome – High awareness on site, viral video release

Marketing Purpose – Image marketing / credible association with core scene

Event Red Bull Empire of Dirt Client Red Bull Company Ltd Live Date 06-06-2004 Location Denham nr. Newton Abbot Devon Brand involved Kye Forte, Red bull, Oakley
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