Gorilla and Star launch new signage system

16th October 2018

We’ve been working with Star Events to launch our latest development in event signage, the Rapid Deployment Tower, a self-contained and quickly assembled, sign system with a high wind rating of 56mph (25mps).

The Rapid Deployment Tower has been a joint development project between Gorilla and Star, which has been field tested during a major UK sporting event to great effect. Used as a directional and information sign at the event it can be used in landscape or portrait format, has a slender vertical support with a low-level base and being entirely self-contained it can be deployed quickly and easily using a Hiab or forklift truck. The bases are adjustable for ground slope, and they are secure from theft and vandalism.

We’re delighted to have worked with Star Events on this project, on many of the events we manage there is a requirement for a multi-purpose sign system that we can deploy quickly and easily and remove them in the same way. We have tried a number of existing products but none of them quite fitted the bill, so we teamed up with Star to design and manufacture a system that matched all of our criteria. We have tested them as a signage solution using Corex, Foamex, Dibond etc, with video, dot matrix, HD panel, and plasma all to our satisfaction and that of our clients, they can also be deployed for CCTV and for cable and services management.

The towers will be demonstrated on the Star Events stand 308, at the Showman’s Show 2018.

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