Designed & Built by Gorilla: Haaglund Sound System Vehicle

18th March 2011

Project Background – After attending many events in remote or extreme locations, I noticed a lack of good functional branding, to resolve this problem, GORILLA constructed an all terrain DJ vehicle
Date – November 2010
Tour Locations – French Alps, Monaco, London, Scotland
Client – Owned by Gorilla
Brands hired so far – Monster Energy, Oxford / Cambridge Varsity
GORILLA role – Design & Fabrication, maintenance, logistics and operations, VEHICLE OWNER
Result / Outcome – Stand out promotional vehicle, with ability to access remote locations
GORILLA role – Design & Fabrication of scooter and hotdog bicycle, guerilla marketing campaign logistics
Result / Outcome – 11 hire’s in the last 12months, UK, Spain, Isle of Man & French Alps
Marketing Purpose – To enable brands to stand out credibly in remote locations.

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