Designed & Built by Gorilla: Rail Storm Course

18th March 2011

Project Background – After securing budget from Red Bull to put on the biggest snowboarding city center rail event seen in the UK, our next problem was to ensure that world class riders bought in to the event and wanted to come and ride.  Partnering with Graham MacVoy a veterain snowboarder and park designer from Scotland, we designed a series of rails with differing technicality, over a large staircase to replicate the Trafalgar square steps.  The steps were all built in sections and fitted on top of the cupplock sub structure, the one piece rails were then dropped in place.
Date – October 2004 & November 2005
Location – George Square, Glasgow & Trafalgar Square, London
Client – Red Bull Company Ltd
Brands Involved – Red Bull, Oakley, Vans
GORILLA role – Be-spoke rail design, engineering and manufacture
Result / Outcome
– Course & event respected by riders
Marketing Purpose – IMAGE marketing, brand activation & consumer interaction, brand awareness central london

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