Designed & Built by Gorilla: Athlete Truck

18th March 2011

Project Background – Red Bull already owned the Pinzgauer DJ truck, but due to heavy road use over the years it was starting to become more and more problematic.  The idea was to build a vehicle with a larger event presence that could carry the DJ truck from event to event.  The solution was the Red Bull athlete truck, capable of carrying and loading the Pinzgauer truck and then when on site at an event turned in to living quarters for up to 10 athletes riding ramps at festivals
Date – June 2003
Locations – Tour all over UK, still attending red bull mx events, 7 years later.
Client – Red Bull Company Ltd
GORILLA role – Design, fabrication and operations.
Result / Outcome – Innovative design, producing cost efficiencies and strong brand presence at events
Marketing Purpose – Functional, WOW IMAGE marketing vehicle, touring grass route / supported events around the UK.

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