Designed & Built by Gorilla: 3 Degree Course

18th March 2011

Fabrication Background – Event concept – progressive BMX course on 3 deg slope, Slope allows riders to build up additional momentum to go bigger on jumps, relatively simple concept, sourcing suitable venues proved difficult, final Oval basin was chosen.  Our role was to transform oval basin in to a series of ramps and obstacles that fitted with the concept, we had 5 days build everything.   Modular ramp sections and any metal work was fabricated in the warehouse, based on the course design from Pete Turvey, as much pre production that could be done was completed.  6 arctic lorries transported ramp parts and sheets from our warehouse.  The course was completed after 5 x 18 hour days, sleep deprivation was setting in but the course worked and everyone went home happy.
Date – July 2004
Location – Oval Basin, Cardiff
Client – Red Bull Company Ltd
Brands Involved – Red Bull, Etnies
GORILLA role – Course design & construction
Result / Outcome – CH4 TV show
Marketing Purpose – IMAGE marketing, brand activation & consumer interaction

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